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Irina Fradkin

Irina is the current Director of Kids Paradise Daycare. After years of experience working in childcare and private school settings, she transitioned into the Director role.

Even as a child herself, Irina knew she wanted to pick a career that allowed her to work with children. This lifelong passion for teaching and education led her to pursue a Master of Education from Gratz College.

Under her leadership, Kids Paradise Daycare center received a STAR 2 designation. She guided all staff members to improve daycare conditions and implemented additional trainings, different class routine organization, schedule adjustments, improved lesson plans, teaching activities, and teambuilding exercises.

Irina is proud to take an active leadership position and be part of Kids Paradise Daycare’s continued professional and educational growth.

Injana Huso

Ana, is a fellow Director of Kids Paradise Daycare. She grew up in Albania, attending university there and graduating with a Social Science degree in 2008.

She moved to the US in 2018, and then by June of that year, she started working as a teacher at Kids Paradise Daycare. Ana focused on different age groups, which really helped her get to know the families and children who attend the daycare.

In 2020, she was granted a Director position for her dedication and as an opportunity for professional growth. Now, Ana works closely with families, making parents and students her top priority. She strives to make everyone feel like part of a bigger family at our daycare center.

Lindita Sinani
Infant Assistant Teacher

Lindita was born and raised in Albania. While in Albania, she worked as a teacher in a daycare facility for 22 years. Even as she transitioned to a life in the USA, pursuing a career in childcare and education remained her focus.

She has been an active part of Kids Paradise Daycare for five years. Her primary focus is working with infants simply because it makes her happy. Lindita’s goal for her future in childcare is to become the best teacher possible.

Kristina Fezo
Infant Lead Teacher

Kristina was born and raised in Korca, Albania. During her time in Albania, she worked at a daycare center for four years.

This was a wonderful experience since she has always enjoyed caring for kids. But becoming a mother gave her a deeper understanding of how important it is to work hard at caring for children. She firmly believes that the youth of today are our future.

When Kristina and her family came to the USA, she decided to continue her career in childcare. She worked hard to learn a new language and finish her CDA training for daycare. This achievement boosted her education and experience as a teacher.

Robin Holloway
Manager, School Age Lead Teacher

Robin attended Community College of Philadelphia, where she received her Associate’s degree in Behavioral Health in Human Sciences. Robin is also certified in youth work, having attended Alvernia University to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences.

Above all else, Robin loves to help others and spend time with the many children in her family. This translates well into her current role as a teacher and after-school program lead at Kids Paradise Daycare.

She is responsible for nurturing and keeping each child safe. You may find her helping students with homework, facilitating group conversations, teaching conflict resolutions, hosting group activities, and divvying out snacks during the school year.

During summer break, Robin organizes field trips and fun educational activities. She also coordinates things like lemonade and baked good fundraisers for the community, which teaches group financial and social skills.

Zoica Lule
Young Toddler Teacher

Zoica received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics while living in Albania. While in her home country, she was a bank worker, but she became a daycare teacher upon moving to the USA.

She has been happily tending to the children of Kids Paradise Daycare for about four years. Currently, Zoica specializes in younger ages and serves as a Young Toddlers group teacher.

What she enjoys the most is working with little kids, ages one to two. Zoica finds genuine happiness in helping teach toddlers to mold their minds in a positive way. Ultimately, her goal is to continue learning and advancing her career in the education field.

Lorena Nako
Older Toddler Lead Teacher

Lorena received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from a university in Albania in 2014. She also holds credentials from WES.

Lorena has been serving for five years as a lead teacher working with the Older Toddler’s group at Kids Paradise Daycare.

Her favorite things at daycare are working with kids on fun activities, helping them with arts and crafts, celebrating birthdays, and throwing holiday parties. Lorena also keeps the curriculum interesting.

Her group does circle time, learning new numbers and letters every day. She also encourages singing, dancing, and guides the children on nature walks outside when the weather permits.

Lorena strives to teach her students in a unique, creative way to help each child better understand concepts and feel engaged in the learning process.

Edlira Rizaj
Manager, Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Edlira has been working with children for decades. After coming to the US from Albania, she expanded her knowledge and developed skills in the education field. For 12 years, Edlira has been working as a lead teacher, going on to receive a CDA certificate in childcare education.

She joined Kids Paradise Daycare six years ago, and she’s enjoyed every minute. Edlira teaches in groups, but she also maintains an individual approach to every child when they need help or attention.

Edlira also plans and initiates activities that help children cognitively develop and learn intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Her patience, compassion, and love for teaching children have guided her entire educational journey as an educator.

Klarita Anastasi
Young Toddler Lead Teacher

Klara, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Albania. Before transitioning to the education field upon arriving in the US, Klara worked in the banking industry for many years.

She has been happily serving as a daycare teacher at Kids Paradise Daycare for about three years. Currently, Klara specializes in teaching little kids ages one to two. She believes children are our greatest teachers, showing us what it means to love and be loved unconditionally.

Klara finds genuine happiness in helping teach toddlers to mold their minds in a positive way. Ultimately, her goal is to continue learning and advancing her career in the education field.

All teachers and staff are required to have continuing education and recertification:
  • FBI Fingerprint(1KG738 Code for Daycare)
  • Child Abusescreening
  • State Police screening
  • Mandated Reporters
  • Health & Safety Training/Building Blocks
  • Sex Offenders Clearance
  • Better Kid Care(12 hours training)
  • Pediatric CPR & First Aid Certification
  • Health Assessment & TB Test
  • Fire Safety Training
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