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$300Per Week

We accept infants at six weeks old, and they transition to the toddler program when ready.

  • Age: 6 wks - 1 yr
  • Class Size: 10
$285Per Week
Young Toddler

We introduce your young toddler to art and music and encourage learning with plenty of play time.

  • Age: 1-2 yrs
  • Class Size: 11
$265Per Week
Older Toddler

At this age, our teachers will introduce collaborative learning and continue self-directed lessons.

  • Age: 2 - 3 yrs
  • Class Size: 13
$250Per Week

At three or four-years-old, your child is ready for preschool. We instill a lifelong love of learning over the year!

  • Age: 3 - 4 yrs
  • Class Size: 20
$250Per Week

At this age, your children will build on the social-emotional skills learned in our Pre-School program.

  • Age: 4 - 5 yrs
  • Class Size: 20
$215Per Week
Before & After School

We provide a safe and exhilarating environment for school-aged children to do homework and get fun exercise!

  • Age: 5 - 12 year
  • Class Size: 35
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